The Story

Illionaire- one who possesses an abundance of "illness"; possession of riches that are non-monetary and aren't materialistic.

Faceless Collection
"Faceless Collection" - represents every individual who aspire to make their dreams reality. The "cloud" symbolize an elevated mind-state, the "business attire" represents elegance and professionalism, the "faceless" figure symbolize that anyone can be an Illionaire gentleman/lady.

Cupid Henchman

"Cupid Henchman"- represents the sensitive battle between love and money where money is more victorious. Cupid is assassinated by an "Illionaire Henchman" who is made of money. Cupid's fatal headshot creates blood splatters which are heart shaped.

Thin Line Between Love & Hate

"Thin Line Between Love & Hate"- represents the relationships that roller coaster but cannot be ended simply. These relationships constantly experience extreme good fortune followed by extreme hardships. The relationship is on going and all breakups are temporary.



"MMNN"- an acronym for "Miserable Mornings Neverending Nights", representing the individuals who work hard all day towards their dreams but still is able to have fun and enjoy  life without letting "fun" interfere with the things that matter to them and their goals.




Shootin For the Starz"Shootin' For The Starz"- For the individuals who know that sky is the limit as long as they remain loyal to their morals and trust the process. They are aiming for the starz fueled off of TRUST and LOYALTY!